Regardless if you’re an entrepreneur or a salesman, your net worth is a direct reflection of your network.  Your network’s size not only depends on your ability to rub shoulders with the right people, but it depends on how well you can BRAND!  The big question is, Who Knows You? 

Because if your client base or target audience has no who you are.  The ability to earn revenue is diminished.  Iff they do know you and haven’t heard from you lately, there’s a good chance you’re forgotten.  Businesses success or failure hinges on one thing, it’s ability to generate revenue!

 If you are not hitting your targets, or meeting your goals.  Chances are you’re obscure and that’s being non-existent in the market place.  I would like to address a few mindsets.  First approach is to consider yourself a Business.  I love the phrase, “you’re not a businessman, but you’re a business, MAN!” Here are some tips to help build your brand.

7 Tips to Gain Brand Recognition

  • Professional Design:  Your trademark needs to be identifiable to you to gain recognition.  Spend the money to have your logo professionally designed.  You can have this done by FIVERR for reasonable prices.  Logo’s and colors must be visually appealing.  Studies show the effects that different colors have when people interact with them.  Bottom line, you must be recognized when you’re in the space.
  • Consistency: Consistency goes hand in hand with recognition.  In order to be recognized, you must have cohesion throughout.  Before your prospects will do business with you, they want to know, like and trust you.  They won’t work with people who are all over the place.  Make sure that your marketing messages, slogans, and tag lines are cohesive.  Then you may apply them consistently across your material.  People tend to prefer simplicity over clutter – shoot for simple.
  •  Social Media:  Posting on social is huge! Post with frequency!  Shoot for 6-8 times per day, per platform.  Find the platforms that work best for you and own them.  Caution though, stay away from discussing opinions on hot button topics.  Remember, you’re building a business, not a talk show.  You never know may be lurking and what may turn them off.   Use captioned photos and videos they get the most engagement.  Stay away from spamming offers!  Deliver a ton of value and when you have over delivered for the day present offers.
  • Email Marketing:  The money is in the list, and the follow up.  So, collect emails with an opt in.  Emails are crucial because you can drive content at will.  If they’ve trusted you enough to subscribe, you can then drip offers and content to them.  But again, always be value heavy.
  •  Ads:  Get a business account on Facebook and Twitter, and run ads.  It’s easy to set up and easy to target your ideal audience.
  •  Videos:  These are very very effective.  I’ve used then two different ways.  Either set to music, with images and videos, or with a verbal message.  I use both all the time.   Take to Youtube, Facebook Live, and Periscope as well.  This is one of my favorites.  It allows your client or prospect to see you and know you!
  • Retargeting:  By using a Facebook Pixel on your capture page you are able to retarget those who have seen your offer before.  When you run your Facebook ads they will get to see it!

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