If you’re new to business or a seasoned professional, one of your most valuable assets is your list. Depending on who you talk to some say the online industry is saturated.   

I don’t see it as saturated, but the best part about having a list is as long as you deliver value you can have a loyal tribe.  Below are some of the foundational elements that are needed to get set this up.

  1. Indentify your Niche: This can be your products/services or others as an affiliate.  Affiliate marketing is a great way to start out as you sell others products for commission.  Check out a example —> DIGITAL ALTITUDE
  2.  Drive Content: Be an expert within your niche.  Share valuable information with your leads and prospects by blogging, social feeds, and anyway you can get your message out.  Identify and solve your leads problems and supply them with value every day.
  3.  Lead Capture: To collect names and emails you need a lead capture page.  Though having a website isn’t necessary if you are just starting out, you must have a way to collect names and email addresses to send them to your auto-responder.
  4.  Auto-responder:  Once names and email addresses are collected, they will be directed your auto-responder.  Auto-responders are easy to set up, and they connect to your capture page to chorale your contacts into designated lists.  So you can automate your follow up.  Inside your auto-responder you can track your metrics.  See your open rates, and click rates to measure your campaign’s success.  It’s crucial to know what’s working and what’s not.
  5.  Follow up:  For better conversions you should have a followup sequence.  Mail your list often.  Be personal.
  6.  Tell stories: The best way to communicate your message is to tell stories.  People identify with the message if it is where they are in their life.  Don’t shy away from the difficulties you have a faced and the triumph that you’ve attained.

These are the simple steps I’ve followed to capture leads and convert them to clients.  Once you’re set up its a easy process.   Like this content?  Subscribe to my mailing list and you’ll get tips, tricks and strategies on how to blow up your Business!


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