We all know that lead generation and traffic is key to having a solid online business.  Traffic is the lifeline you can grow and scale your online business.  Regardless if you are a digital business or a brick & mortar business you need leads.

Snapchat’s a fresh and new way to get leads and traffic to your offers.  It’s unique in that it grants followers access into your everyday life.

Through this access you can deliver value, humor, and value to your audience.  With that you can drop your offers throughout your story where you cans convert them leads and paying customers.

Simply give them a CTA – Call to Action/Link on the next snap and tell them to screen shot it, and type the link into their browser.  It’s just that easy!

It wasn’t long ago I thought Snapchat was silly app that teens use to share selfies with each other.  Though that may be true to an extent, snapchat is much more powerful than that.

At this time Snapchat has over 200 million active users.  Putting that number into perspective, Instagram has 400 million users, Twitter 320 million users, LinkedIn 100 million users, and Facebook the Social Media “Mack-daddy” has 1.59 billion users.

This ranks Snapchat in the ranks of the major social media players.

With Snapchat you can add 10 second videos to your story.  Very similar to Twitters 140 characters constraints.  This emphasizes the importance of video.  Facebook launched Facebook Live, to compete with YouTube.  Because videos are the highest viewed content online, then pics and text.

Snapchat is still ad free – but rest assured ads are coming!  Till then – create organic results by using the TIPS below!

8 Ways To Grow Your Snapchat Following & Make Money On Snapchat!

  1. Pick a Great Username!  Be Original, Authentic, and Memorable.
  2. Download – “GhostCodes” App from the App Store or Playstore.  Give users Kudos and download snapcodes for new connections.
  3. Download and share your snapcode across all Platforms!  Use it as your Avi – and add it to your email signature.
  4. Communicate with people through chat.  Be Social, it’s Social Media!
  5. Post 10-15 – Ten Second Videos of your everyday life!
  6. Do S4S – meaning Snap for Snap with people that have same sized accounts.
  7. Connect with influencers, and buy shout-outs!  They will drop your snapcode into their story and recommend their followers to follow you.
  8. Have Influencers take over your Snapchat!

These are simple, yet effective ways to grow your Snapchat following!  To learn exactly how I monetize my Snapchat – living my everyday life…

Stay Great – Because nothing Else Pays!

Elton Navarro

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