Welcome to my review of Michael Force’s Digital Altitude, affiliate marketing program.  Is it a legit business or is it a scam?  If you’re like me, the question raced through my mind as a newbie entering the online marketing game.  It resounded though my mind when the $1 Trial was presented to me.  I saw the offer on SnapChat and Instagram at the time.  Being an opportunistic individual that seeks additional income streams, it truly had my interest. Especially, as I watched my sponsor climb the leaderboard and post his earnings.  I had to know more about Digital Altitude and Aspire. He quickly crossed the $10,000 range in a little over a week.  This really caught my attention.

The first time I saw the offer, I clicked it and barely looked at it.  Then I received follow up emails, that provided me with further information.  This kept my interest.  What did I do?  I did what every opportunistic entrepreneur would do.  I visited the link again. It’s hard for an entrepreneur to walkaway from an opportunity with this earning power.  But more importantly.  I have an addiction.  I’m addicted to new challenges, personal growth, adding skills, and hustling.  So, I popped back over to -> THE LINK  to check it out.  I’ve left the exact link for you to see.  You’ll meet my friend Mack.  He’s a successful online entrepreneur.  

This kind of opportunity really gets my juices flowing.  I’m generally good at qualifying potential in any opportunity that comes before me.  But after watching that video, I was like.. Really?  I figured what the heck.  It’s only $1, what do I have to loose other than, well, $1. Plus I’ll have two weeks to test it out.  If your mind can not wrap around the life Mack has built yet, then no problem.   Check out -> Digital Altitudes Link 

As you’d imagine, I went ahead and got into the system for the $1 trial to test it out.  Once I was in, a terrific coaching staff welcomed me and guided me through the process of getting on board, then in to the business scale up, and finally into traffic.  This is where I reside today.  I am not sure what you’re searching for today but this program is nothing short of fantastic.


First, this program is an absolute masterpiece. You’re given the opportunity to license (3) Digital Marketing Courses.  Click on each logo for an in debt description of each the product.



Then you have the opportunity to buy (3) top tier Mastermind/Retreat/Seminars.  




What I love about Digital Altitude is from A-Z ,the content is of immediate value.  This is coming from someone who’s been in business for himself for 17 years.  Especially since I’m building out my own digital products to sell.  Digital Altitude has trained me to set up my systems correctly.  For me personally, the most attractive feature is the Top Tier Products. The information and knowledge that you’ll learn at these events will be life changing for any entrepreneur.


So lets talk about compensation and how it works.  First, once you take the -> $1 Trial you’ll be welcomed by your coach and progressed through the steps, and learn about selling Aspire and Digital Altitude.  You’ll decide if, and at what level you’d want to go in to promoting here in your first 6-8 steps.  Your commissions are earned a number of ways, but in a nutshell, here is how it works.

What’s unique about this program is that it reward those that go all in.  Meaning that if you go straight to APEX, then you will receive commission on every item that’s offered to members of Digital Altitude.   All you do it take people to the the $1 Trial 

Now for the monthly memberships, those determine what percentage of the commission you’ll earn.  I suggest, whatever level you go in at, be a climber.  Because this determines how many tiers of the payout you’ll receive and as you go up, your percentage does as well.  So no matter where you come in at from Aspire all the way to APEX, do it as a climber to get all three payouts.


For the answer that you’ve been waiting for.  Is Digital Altitude, Aspire and the other programs a Scam?  No indeed it isn’t.  Digital Altitude is an Affiliate Marketing Masterpiece. Michael Force has done a magnificent job with the content, the structure, and also the right supporting cast to support the members.  For that very reason, I went into the program at the APEX level..  As I said earlier, I’m opportunity driven.  I had the cash ready to invest and did so.  I’ve enjoy every moment of every day while working on and working with others.  I love seeing others reach their goals, dreams, and financial freedom.


Digital Altitude is for anyone that desires to improve their financial condition, have the ability to work from home or an office, and especially entrepreneurs like myself that have other businesses and simply want another stream of income.  In my opinion, it’s not ultra difficult.  However, I am modestly tech savvy and enjoy setting up systems, flows, funnels, etc.  But all of this is learned within the program.

Honestly, this program is for well..   Anyone who wants to better themselves through personal development, and receive the skills and training to not only learn how to market online, but also learn and understand what a winning model looks like so that you can showcase your own online products one day.  If this program interest you at all and I mean even a little bit, click the button just below.  Every day you wait is a dollar you loose.  Another thing that I love is that this system is 100% automated.  Your job is to deliver traffic to a trial.  Your personal qualified sales staff will close the deals for you. What more can you ask for?  Will you accept my offer to join my team?  Digital Altitude isn’t a scam.  But it is a wonderful product with wonderful people within.  Let me help you become the next success story!

When you do so, you’ll have access to my Private Facebook Group for further Mentoring.  You’ll learn many tips, tricks, and skills to get you up and running as fast as possible.  I want you to reach the top of the mountain as fast as possible.  If you haven’t done so already, I welcome you to -> Watch My Video

To your Success,

Elton Navarro



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