Digital Marketing Mastery Course

Section 1: Commit

Learning to market can be intimidating–but the rewards aresoworth it! The modules in this section are aimed to prepare your mind and plan your route so it ends with success.

  • Module #1: Making A Commitment To Success As A Marketer In The Digital Age.
  • Module #2: The Fundamental Mindset Shift That Will Generate More Success Than Any Other.
  • Module #3: How To Use The Irrationality Of The Market To Your Favor To Create Buzz For Your Products.
  • Module #4: The 80/20 Rule Of Customers: How To Find The “Elusive 20%” Who Generate 80% Of Your Sales, And How This Can Free You.

Section 2: Customer

90% of marketing is knowing your customer–their wants, needs and desires. Once you’ve got that, you’re golden. Section 2 reveals how to “get inside your customer’s mind” to solve their problem and add value to their lives.

  • Module #5: How To Identify The Emotional Trigger Buttons In Your Prospects That Practically “Force” Them to Buy.
  • Module #6: How To Identify And Attract The Perfect Customer 99% Of The Time.
  • Module #7: How To Harness The Timeless Art Of Direct Response To Lower Customer Acquisition Costs.
  • Module #8: Why The Unique Demands Of The Information Age Require You To Become An “Educational Marketer.”

Section 3: Create

Copywriting (otherwise known as sales writing) is the main weapon in your internet marketing arsenal. In Section 3 you will learn how to craft marketing messages that ignite an “overpowering” desire in your customers to own your products and services.

  • Module #9: How To Create A Brand Name That Sticks In Your Customers’ Mind Like A Catchy Pop Song.
  • Module #10: How To Instantly Trigger A Powerful Desire In Your Customers’ Minds That Almost “Forces” Them To Buy.
  • Module #11: How To Create Tiered Marketing And Product Sequencing To Capture Repeat Sales.
  • Module #12: How To Create A FREE Tripwire Front End Product That Will Have Your Visitors hungry To Join Your List.

Section 4: Words

Now that you have learned the basics of copywriting, it’s time to take it to the next level. In section 4 you’ll learn how to write and attract prospects with powerful profit pulling words that send them running to your offers.

  • Module #13: Discover The Secrets Behind High-Converting Headlines That Pull More Sales.
  • Module #14: Get Your Audience To Relate To You With A Personalized Brand Story And Build Credibility & Trust.
  • Module #15: How To Craft Killer Copy That Will Sell Anything, Even If You’re Not A Good Writer.
  • Module #16: How To Craft The Perfect Marketing Message To Attract The Perfect Customer.

Section 5: Partners

Making connections with other marketers is the key to “next level” success… It can lead to referrals, affiliate sales, and more. In Section 5 you’ll learn how to leverage joint ventures and other people’s lists so you become an authority and get people chasing you down.

  • Module #17: How To Easily Create Ads That Generate MassiveResponse And Boost Your Sales. (Coming Soon)
  • Module #18: How To Partner With Others To Sell More Of Your Products And Services. (Coming Soon)
  • Module #19: 3 Simple Steps To More–And Better–Referrals. (Coming Soon)

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