Irregardless of which isle of politics that you stand, there are many key take aways from the Presidential Election.  Truthfully it takes me back to the obstacles that entrepreneurs face when they break into business.  My biggest take away from the election is they can all be overcome.  If you’re not aware, President Elect Trump basically ran his campaign on what most would call a shoe string budget.  He primarily utilized his personal funds to float his campaign while he pounded on social media for he message.

I feel that he, using his personal funds was especially important as he had the ultimate “skin in the game” by doing so.  As an entrepreneur, in order to be successful, at some point you must have skin in the game.  Secondly he identified the voters “one thing” aka big problem.  He felt majority of the population didn’t feel America was so great.  So he tagged his campaign with a simple slogan.  “Make America Great Again”.  Next he consistently pounded his message relentlessly over, and over again.  Consistency is a major key to success and this proves it.  If you want to succeed you must show up and be consistent.

You may be thinking ok dude, what does this have to do with marketing.  Okay, here we go.  This proves a few things to me as a marketer that debunks what many people think.  First is that you need a massive budget to start and succeed.  Secondly if you can overcome obscurity you will be come limitless.


  1. Keep it simple..  “your message”
  2. Brand Yourself
  3. Get out of obscurity..  Utilize the FREE platforms consistently!
  4. Never Give Up, even if it looks like you will not win!
  5. Rinse and Repeat ever single day!

As people we tend to over complicate things.  There is elegance in simplicity if you’re smart.  You should always desire to help your ideal customer with their one thing.  by doing so your message will resonates with your prospects as you brand yourself as a leader.  Aggressively share your message across any and all platforms to break out of obscurity.  Most importantly never give up on your dreams no matter what the opposition says. Because you can win!

The bottom line is this.  If a person with no political experience can break into politics and defy all odds by beating a professional politician that was better funded politician in their own back yard then you can break into a new business and succeed too!  Click Here To Join Me Today!

Keep The Dream Alive Within You!

Cheers – Elton


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