Have you ever had times in your life when a failure destroyed your confidence, and killed the desire to move ahead and made you doubt everything about yourself?

It happens to the best of us.When this happens, our mind starts to play tricks on us.Many people realize this, and they start looking for self-help methods, seek motivation and inspiration, prayer, meditation and pretty much do anything to have a positive mindset.
But here’s what typically happens next:They go through all that material..  only to realize they’re STILL happy in life.

While their mind tells them that they shouldn’t feel that way.

Leading to deeper and further doubts.

Then they start thinking:

“Am I doing this right?”

“Should I be meditating more?”

“What’s really wrong with me? Why am I not feeling better when I know that I’m doing everything right?”

It creates a perpetual loop of negativity that plunges them into the depths of despair.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that any of the methods I described do not work work.  However, when the core issues aren’t tackled, those methods may be hit or miss.

The real solution to this problem is NOT in doing these activities per se’ as much as changing the way we PERCEIVE everything around us.

So, heres how it works:

When your mind gets what it wants, you feel happy and when it doesn’t, you feel sad.

When your mind experiences what it wants, you feel relief and when it doesn’t, you feel trouble.

You can never truly experience peace this way.

The world will never be like the conceptual model built by your mind.  That’s why you need to break out of this thinking.

And the only way to break out of it and experience true peace is to UNLINK yourself from your outside world, your mind, your thoughts and your emotions.

You need to understand that it’s normal to have doubts in your mind.

It’s alright to feel miserable sometimes.

It’s ok to have self defeated thoughts in your mind.

It’s ok to have nothing work out for you in the outside world.

When you are NOT okay, you will feel a lot of urges to do something about it to feel okay.

But the key is to NOT act on those urges.

The challenge most people face is whenever they experience internal turbulence, they go crazy inside and are drawn into giving into it and doing something about it.

Usually leading to something that is reckless.  Never truly helping them to find peace.

So avoid that at all costs.

The KEY is to sit around with all your thoughts, emotions and urges and let them run wild and doing nothing about it.

When you accept their existence without giving into them, something magical will happen.

Slowly and steadily, you’ll STOP BEING SLAVE to them and they release their hold

The disturbances inside you will always pass away by themselves.   When you don’t give into them, they will stop affecting you over time.

When you start doing that, you are no longer fighting to match the conceptual world built by your mind.

You’re no longer playing a game where your peace is dependent on whether your mind gets what it wants or not.  Because you’re busy living your life without getting bogged down by it.

When you keep away from engaging your inner energies, you’ll experience a DEEPER & POWERFUL energy emerging from within you.

The Spirit helps you feel true peace.

You’ll notice that the less you interact with these emotions that the stronger your Spirit will be and you will feel more peace within.

When this happens it’s no longer about willpower.  Because you are no longer fighting anything.  You’re disengaged from your inner energies and feel a stronger Spirit prevailing.

You are now at total peace with yourself where nothing in this world, your mind & heart can affect you.

The fact is that, what you feel at a certain point in your life has NO BEARING on the reality. Just because your mind feels strongly about something doesn’t mean it’s true.

If you work towards overcoming your limiting beliefs, fears and insecurities, you can achieve whatever you want to achieve.

This may take you a while to start implementing them properly.

It may will take you a while to understand that you must constantly work on yourself.

There will certainly be days when you will falter and you will feel miserable, and there will also be days when you will face the storm and feel at ease.

With practice comes MASTERY.

And with mastery comes RESULTS.

So go out there and conquer your mind.

Then you will achieve TRUE PEACE and also reach your FULL potential in life.

And isn’t that what we all want in life?

Elton Navarro

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